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"The most specialized center for supplying various stainless steel and alloy wire in Iran."

The SteelMarket (Tejarat Steel Noavaran Company, Registration Number 608280) started its operations in 2019 with the support of 40 years of experience from managers in the automotive and wire industries. As the managers of the Steel Market Group come from long-established manufacturers in these industries, they recognized the growing demand of domestic producers for stainless steel raw materials. Therefore, they were determined to meet the needs of domestic producers by sourcing the required raw materials with the minimum price and highest possible quality, and make them available to customers.

Thanks to divine blessings and the loyalty of our customers, we have been successful in this endeavor and have taken a small step towards serving domestic producers.

Due to the positive reception from customers, The Steel Market has opened its main office in the Pars Ghadir area and possesses a warehouse with an area of 5,000 square meters for storing products in the Shamsabad Industrial Estate.

The warehouse is equipped with all necessary facilities for loading and unloading, including 100 kg, 1,000 kg, and 50,000 kg weighing scales to ensure the accuracy of each shipment. Forklifts and cranes have also been provided for the convenience of customers. (The SteelMarket does not charge customers for loading fees.)

Based on a systematic approach and engineering principles, any product purchased from The Steel Market is accompanied, if needed, by the primary analysis provided by the foreign manufacturer.

The main activities of The Steel Market include importing and distributing various stainless steel wires, steel welding wires, alloy wires, and stainless steel pipes, which are directly imported into the country by the company’s trading team and made available to consumers.

If you have a specific grade requirement for wire, you can share your request with us, and we can arrange to send your desired wire in one of the containers. We appreciate that you have chosen The Steel Market as your trusted business partner in the steel industry. We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to assist you.

Contact us today to discuss your steel wire needs and learn more about our products and services.

Questions about purchasing from

Steel Market

1- How long does it take to issue the proforma invoice after submitting the request?
Our goal is to issue and send the proforma invoice as quickly as possible, typically within 1 hour or less.
2-Is it possible to make a purchase on credit?
Yes, it is possible. Based on the cooperation history and credit evaluation conducted by our colleagues, this option is available for some valued customers.
3-What is the minimum purchase quantity for wire?
The minimum quantity available for purchase is one coil or one spool.
4- Is it possible to have the wires analyzed before purchase?
Yes, it is. However, it's worth mentioning that Steel Market provides all its products to customers with standard specifications and accompanied by chemical analysis. In the event of any discrepancy in terms of size, grade, or chemical analysis of the product, it can be returned, and a refund will be provided.
5- Does Steel Market charge for warehousing and loading?
No, we do not charge any fees for warehousing and loading of these materials in our facility.
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