Stainless steel grade 302 wire

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SizeAlloyConditionUnitLast update datePrice (Toman)Chemical Analysis
0.15302Spoolkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.2302Spoolkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.25302Spoolkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.3302Spoolkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.35302Spoolkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.4302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.45302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.5302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.6302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.7302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.8302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
0.9302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.1302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.2302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.3302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.4302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.5302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.6302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.8302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
1.9302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
2302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
2.2302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
2.4302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
2.5302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
2.7302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
2.8302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
3302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
3.2302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
3.5302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
4302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
4.5302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
5302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
6302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
8302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000
10302Coilkilogram1402/03/20220.000 - 200.000


Stainless steel grade 302 wire is one type of stainless steel wire that is widely used in various industries due to its special properties and high resistance to corrosion and tarnish. Here, we would like to provide you with more information about the chemical analysis and applications of Stainless steel grade 302 wire:

1.Chemical Analysis

The chemical analysis of this alloy typically includes the following elements:

ElementC (Carbon)Si (Silicon)Mn (Manganese)P (Phosphorus)S (Sulfur)Cr (Chromium)Ni (Nickel)
Percent≤ 0.15≤ 0.75≤ 2.00≤ 0.045≤ 0.03017.0-19.08.0-10.0


2. Applications

Stainless steel grade 302 wire is used in a wide range of industries and applications. Below, we will discuss some of these applications:

In general, grade 302 stainless steel wire is used in various industries, including automotive, electronic, medical, mining, kitchen and food industries, due to its special characteristics. These springs are a good choice for many industrial sectors due to their high resistance to corrosion and rust, good mechanical strength and ability to change shape.

Automotive Industry: Stainless steel grade 302 wire is used for manufacturing important components such as springs and pressure-sensitive parts in automotive suspension systems and door/window mechanisms. These springs need to withstand high levels of stress and corrosion in diverse environments.

Electronics Industry: In the electronics industry, Stainless steel grade 302 wire is used in the production of components such as springs and parts that require high resistance to corrosion and stress. These springs are commonly used in electromechanical components, telecommunications systems, and precision equipment.

Medical Industry: Stainless steel grade 302 wire is also utilized in the medical industry. It is used for manufacturing surgical instruments, medical implants, measuring devices, pumping devices, and dental equipment, among others.
Its high resistance to corrosion and favorable biocompatibility make it suitable for medical applications.

Mining Industry: In the mining industry Stainless steel grade 302 wire is employed as components such as springs and drilling equipment due to its high resistance to corrosion and tarnish. These equipment pieces need to perform well under harsh conditions involving moisture, chemical exposure, and contamination.

Kitchen Industry: In the kitchen industry, Stainless steel grade 302 wire is used for producing components such as rails and frames for doors, sinks, and other kitchen fixtures. These components are exposed to water, moisture, and food substances, and Stainless steel grade 302 with its high resistance to tarnish and corrosion is well-suited for such applications.

Food Industry:Stainless steel grade 302 wire is also used in the food industry, particularly in systems for transportation and processing of food materials. These equipment pieces need to have high resistance to corrosion and be easily cleanable.